About Stephanie Williams - CHT LMP

Stephanie Williams - CHT LMP

Stephanie Williams - CHT LMP

Hello and welcome, my name is Stephanie Williams and I've been practicing massage in Gig Harbor since 2004.

I graduated from Ashmead Massage school with honors, and am a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Aromatherapist, Metaphysical Practitioner, and Ordained Ministress.

I became a Certified Hypnotherapist in 2016, I am excited the new direction my practice is taking me and I look forward to sharing it with you. I've always been interested in treating my client's wholly, mind, body and spirit, and now I do.

I've been on my own healing journey for most of my life, and through the work I do, and have done, learning self love, acceptance and compassion has been the greatest of the many gifts I've received from my life's path.


I believe in working with my clients and meeting them at their needs, whether it be the ultimate relaxing Swedish massage, treating a chronic condition with therapeutic or deep tissue work, or assisting through hypnotherapy.

I consider myself to be a student of life and love learning new things. My main interest is in helping people and whatever I can due to facilitate health and healing. I congratulate you for taking time for yourself and your health. I look forward to the opportunity serve you.

With Respect and Peace,

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